History of Ansoo lake

culture   Jan 3, 2020

Pakistan is a land that is rich in culture and traditions – and it is this existence of numerous cultures that also often gives birth to interesting myths and urban legends. One such interesting myth is that of Ansoo lake.

Located in Kaghan Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the lake is at an altitude of 13,927 feet above sea level and is considered among one of the highest lakes of the Himalayas. But apart from the fact that the lake is beautiful, have you ever wondered why it’s called ‘Ansoo’, which means teardrop?

According to legend, there was once a Prince, Saif ul Malook who fell in love with a fairy princess. Since the marriage between humans and fairies was not permitted, the Prince had to go through several trials and quests for 12 years before he could marry the fairy.

But this isn’t all, there was a villain in the story too. A giant called Deuo Safaid (the white giant), was also in love with the fairy and could not bear the thought of her marrying anyone else and ended up kidnapping her. Alas, there is no stopping true love and no matter what the giant did, the fairy never stopped loving the Prince. In envy and rage, the giant began to cry. Thus, Ansoo lake was formed.

Do you believe the legend? Well, the locals sure think it’s true.

The lake that was discovered by Pakistani Pilots in 1993 has one of the toughest treks that takes up to 6-12 hours to reach depending on the route you take. Even the locals steer clear of the lake during winters due to the dangerous steep ridges that surround it.