Here's where you will be going this summer based on your zodiac sign

adventure   Aug 5, 2019

You love checking the horoscope and it is summer season. What ever your sign, just know that the celestial bodies are aligning for you to travel!


The compassionate and gentle Pisces will appreciate this trip high up in the mountains where she can do what she loves best, introspect.

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There are two things determined and confident Aries love, comfortable clothes and physical challenges. Thankfully, this trek combines both.

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The reliable and patient Taurean will definitely appreciate this eight day trek into Pakistan’s beautiful mountainous North where they get to indulge their love for nature.

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The adaptable and accommodating Gemini loves chatting with new people and short trips around town. This sojourn around Lahore is tailor-made for them.

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There is nothing the highly imaginative Cancer loves more than a good meal and relaxing by a body of water. On this camping trip by the Balochistan coast, they get both a good BBQ, new friends and the Arabian Sea.

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The regal Leo is cheerful, humorous and loves taking a holiday. As for this trip which is for two, that won’t stop the self assured Leo, they will just pack their bags and go on their way.

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The nature-loving Virgo can indulge herself on this trip where she gets to reconnect with herself and read among the scenic beauty of the North.

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Cooperative Libras love the outdoors and this multi stop, physically challenging trip is perfect for their gracious and social natures.

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Resourceful Scorpios are brave enough to venture into the great unknown and this trek of Kumrat in the KPK region is the ideal pick for them.

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Sagittarius’ curiosity about the world makes them ideal travelers and they are bound to show you an amazing time. Why go on a pre designed trip when you can make your own? The experienced Sagittarius will design one for themselves.



The family oriented Capricorn is responsible with perfect manners, which is why this trip into Hunza, Khunjerab Pass and Naran with a group is the perfect fit for them.

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The friend-of-all Aquarian can tend to be aloof unless something stimulates them and this paragliding trip is the best choice for independent Aquarians who like to do things differently.

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