Health benefits of scuba diving

adventure   Jan 4, 2020

Not fond of trying out adventures? Well, scuba diving is one experience you should not miss out on due to its numerous benefits.

Here’s why you should book a scuba diving trip now! 

Therapeutic benefits

According to a study published in 2016, diving is therapeutic since it has a physical and psychological impact on one. After the study was conducted, the individuals involved reported a decrease in their anxiety levels and also stated their depression went down.

Whereas, another study observed that looking at marine life up-close can actually be relaxing. There is something about the beauty of the underwater world that heals you. 

Improves blood circulation 

When you dive underwater, your body feels a different kind of pressure. Of course that’s expected since living in the sea is not the natural habitat of humans, hence, the blood vessels open up in order to bring oxygen to the muscles. This explains why many people feel tired and lightheaded after a dive.

Stress reliever

Ever had a panic attack because you were under stress? You may have noticed those around you suggest breathing slowly. This is because certain breathing techniques are needed to bring the body in a calm, meditative state. 

The breathing techniques we use while diving are similar to the ones we use whilst meditating. During a dive, one tends to breathe slowly and deeply and this practice calms the body down. Therefore, during a dive you tend to  concentrate on the present instead of thinking about traumatic experiences of the past. 

Improves concentration level 

Learning to breathe through your mouth whilst you swim around in a strange environment requires 100% of your attention. This further leads to improvement in the brain’s concentration and awareness level. 

Lowers blood pressure 

Many studies show that those who dive regularly are less likely to be prone to strokes and heart attacks. This too, is because of the breathing techniques you adppt while underwater 

Increases strength and flexibility 

Diving is not as easy as it looks in movies. It’s actually a full body workout as it requires you to use muscles as your body pushes through the water. Here’s the good part – not only will you become stronger than before after a dive, but you will also burn tons of calories. 

Salty water’s magic on the skin 

This might come as a surprise, but seawater is pretty good for the skin. Moreover, it actually helps increase elasticity and improves the way you look. Bye bye wrinkles, hello salty sea!

Boosts self-esteem 

Since scuba diving is an activity that is quite different from our every day experiences, going underwater actually produces a sense of achievement in the diver. Just knowing you are one of those who can swim in the depths of the ocean is enough to increase your confidence level.