Health benefits of crabbing

food   Feb 29, 2020

The southern region of Pakistan has numerous activities to offer apart from the same old dining out and coffee hangouts. One of these interesting recreational exploits includes crabbing. 

If you book a crabbing trip, all you have to do is reach Kemari in Karachi, hop on a cruise boat, and relax while the team of cooks on board create a delicious dinner for you.

Not convinced yet? Maybe finding out about all the health benefits linked to eating crabs will change your mind.

Bone health 

Crabs are a high phosphorus food item that help strengthen bones. This in turn helps reduce the risk of ailments like osteoporosis. 

Makes you smarter 

Since crabs have numerous nutrients, they really help in boosting ones mental activity. All you have to do is make sure eating crabs is a part of your weekly routine.

Good for the heart 

Crab meat helps in balancing the cholesterol levels in the body. It also helps tackle blood pressure issues, in effect improving heart health. 

Increases immunity 

Selenium found in crab meat helps in the production of antioxidants in the body. The more antioxidants in ones body, the better the immune system.

Detox yourself 

Crabs have ingredients that detoxify the body and aid in improving its functions. If consumed right, crabs can greatly help in losing weight.