Gorakh- The Golden Valley

adventurecampingtrekking   Dec 4, 2018

Seeking the thrill of a jeep ride up the mountains? Want to watch a breath-taking sunset out among the hills and enjoy an immersive stargazing experience in the “Murree of Sindh”? Then book a trip to Gorakh Hill Station— the highest point in Sindh—and take a break from the heat!

From the meeting point in Karachi, Millennium Mall, the group sets off for Gorakh around midnight. If you’re a group of friends, we can pick you up from Boat Basin, too! The first few hours of the journey are essentially a comfortable road trip in air-conditioned buses along the National Highway. It’s a good time to catch up on sleep and prepare for the activity-filled day ahead.

6 am is breakfast time at one of the highway hotels. Then, it’s off to Wahi Pandi, a town in the Dadu district of Sindh.

At 10 am, the group disembarks from the buses and departs for Gorakh Hill station in 4×4 jeeps. It is a meandering, bumpy ride as the jeeps snake upwards for 3 hours. No need to fret though— the drivers are locals experienced in navigating the rough terrain. Make sure that you apply sunblock, wear hats, and take in the wilderness around you.

The ride offers a fantastic opportunity to spot some of the famous birds of Sindh, such as the Egret, Lammegier vulture, Houbara bustard, etc.

Gorakh looms into view at about 1-2pm, with a sharp drop in temperature. You’ll have a light lunch of Daal Chawal and mixed vegetables at the resort nearby. Get your trekking shoes out for a scenic trek to Benazir point, the most spectacular viewpoint in all of Sindh.

From here the mountains will spread out in front of you like a scene from a postcard. Sit around. Drink in the view with some doodh patti. Wait for the sunset. As the sun sinks into the hills, the peaks are imbued with a golden hue, earning Gorakh the nickname of the ‘golden valley’.

All the adventuring works up an appetite which will be fully satiated by the delicious BBQ and chicken karhai dinner awaiting you later at night. The time is now perfect for a bonfire session, some live music and stargazing. Gorakh is one of the best places to check out the night sky due to the absence of light pollution and its elevation which gives one the illusion of floating amongst the stars.

The nights are cold, in winters the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius; remember to wear sweaters/ jackets and woollen beanies and bring some shawls and blankets along. Camps will be set up nearby with 3-person sharing tents. Public bathrooms are also available.

Don’t miss the gorgeous sunrise sleeping in though! As the golden valley wakes up, it’s time for breakfast in the early hours of the morning. After breakfast, the group departs at 9 am. On the way back, there is an optional stopover at Sehwan Sharif where the shrine of Sufi Saint Hazrat Lal Shabaz Qalandar is located. The 12th century saint is the most revered of saints to this day and his beautiful shrine attracts upwards of 2 million visitors, most of them spiritual devotees, every year.

There’s a stop for lunch on the highway around 2 pm. The journey winds to an end in Karachi at 8pm.

To book your adventure, call now at 0333-0596362!


  • Carry sunblock, hats, blankets
  • Bring sweaters and beanies
  • Take trekking gear


  • Litter