Gilgit Baltistan: The land of mountains and delicious food

culture   Dec 6, 2019

Gilgit Baltistan is the favourite travel spot for locals and foreigners alike because of its serene landscape and unique culture. Whether it be Skardu or Hunza, each place is made memorable by the locals who put in their best foot forward to welcome visitors. And what better way to win over visitors but with delicious food!

Here is the cuisine Gilgit Baltistan is famous for:


Perfect for a snack or a meal, chapshoro is bread stuffed with meat, vegetables and oil. The bread is then baked in an oven from both sides till it is perfectly cooked. The best part, the meat selected for the chapshoro can be of your preference – chicken, beef or mutton.


Need protein, fibre, carbohydrates and fats in one meal? Harissa is the perfect dish for you. It not only has meat, but also includes rice, wheat, lentils and butter. This is the perfect food item to have during a trip to Gilgit Baltistan as it will keep you fueled throughout the day… and it tastes spectacular!

Photo source: Destinationpak


Go-lee is a flat bread that not only looks beautiful, but tastes exquisite too. Usually served in breakfast, the savoury bread tastes best when paired up with a hot cup of chai. Most importantly, since it is made with whole grain flours, it is high in vitamin B-17.

Other ingredients of go-lee include, eggs, salt, water, butter, and cooking oil.

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Mamtu are dumplings of the North and are prepared by mixing meat with onions, chili and garlic. The dumplings are then steamed to create an exquisite taste of the North. Don’t forget to try this multi-layer delicacy on your next visit to places like Hunza, Chitral and Skardu.

Tumoro tea

The tumoro tea plant is found in the mountains near Nagar valley and has over time, become a specialty of Gilgit Baltistan. The tea is also famous for its medicinal properties that includes curing the common cold and giving relief to headaches. It also helps those with anxiety as it calms the nerves.