For the Love of Travel and Food, Swat has Pizza Hut Now!

adventurefoodlife as we know itvacation   Sep 1, 2021

by Amna Tanveer Khan

When you hear the word travel, the first thing that comes to mind is often a vacation taken to get away from our busy schedule, when we want to unwind and break away from the normal daily routine. Traveling in Pakistan can be an enchanting experience. It can be challenging, uplifting, even life-changing. It is a place that offers you the most majestic mountains, breathtaking valleys, and gorgeous landscapes. 

But often the common assumption and practice when traveling to anywhere in Northern Pakistan is the strong desi food menu, and while that is a treat on its own from the delicious chicken sajjis to the mouth-watering karahis, there does come a time when you start missing the usual fast food, with pizza being on top of that list. Pizza is comfort food for people from all over the world but it’s slowly getting to that stage even in Pakistan. Pakistan cricket team has won a match, let’s order an XXL Special Deal from Pizza Hut; want to spend a quiet night in with your favorite TV show, the WOW Deal is a perfect choice. 

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that most of us got introduced to the world of pizza goodness through Pizza Hut and as they continue to increase their presence, the hearts of pizza lovers rejoice, especially those in Swat who missed the incredible taste of Pizza Hut at their favorite travel destination. Imagine munching on the crunchy spicy chicken as the cheese strings along with the sound of the river serving as the melodious song, but now you don’t have to imagine it, you can actually experience it.

But what we cannot forget is the ongoing pandemic and Pizza Hut has taken great measures to follow all the prescribed SOPs with the staff being diligent in following them. With the outlet being included in Swat Shopping Mall, the interior is as gorgeous as the outdoor, for people to enjoy the dining out experience to its full potential as you take in the luscious greenery and the majestic mountains of the spectacular Swat Valley.

Get a chance to win a trip to Swat on the purchase of every Pizza Hut x FMA Travel Fiesta Deal and enjoy the delicious goodness in the breathtaking scenery.