Food that makes us want to move to Punjab

adventureculture   Dec 2, 2019

While each province of Pakistan has its own specialty when it comes to food, there are some Punjabi dishes no other cuisine can beat. One bite of these food wonders and you are hooked for life. 

Check out the items below and add them to your wish list if you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on these goodies yet. 

Makki ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag 

Photo source: Livemint

Makki ki roti is a flat bread made from corn. And since it’s eaten mostly in Punjab, it’s one of the specialities you can’t miss out on. 

While makki ki roti has quite the reputation in Punjab, the food experience gets even better if you fuse it up with sarson ka saag. This vegetarian dish is in the form of a curry and made from mustard greens and delicious spices. 

What’s so special about this vegetarian dish? Well, we dare you to try it out. You will be thanking us for life! 

Butter Chicken

Photo source: Pressurecookerecipes

Just the name of this item on the list is making our mouth water! Known as the king of Punjabi food, butter chicken is a dish where the chicken and butter are the essential ingredients. A spicy tomato sauce is further added to the cuisine to enhance the flavour.
This creamy dish tastes best when eaten with a nan, paratha or sheermal. 

Cholay Bhature

Photo source: Ruchiskitchen

Often eaten as breakfast, the dish is a spicy delight that will make you want to wake up early even on a Sunday morning. 

The food item includes white chickpeas that are made delicious with masalas and spices, as well as fried bread called bhatura. Add some achar to the mix and you will be licking your fingers!

Dal Makhani

Photo source: Myfoodstory

Similar to butter chicken, dal makhni is made from black lentils, red kidney beans, butter and cream. 

As yummy as it sounds, the dish is filled with protein, carbs and fat – items people on a diet steer clear of. However, if you are on a vacation feast, we suggest you have as much of this dish as you possibly can because you won’t find the same flavour anywhere else. 


Photo source: Medium

Paaye basically means legs of cows, goats, buffalos or sheep. Sounds so basic doesn’t it? Well, the trick is knowing how to cook this dish with various spices in order to create a lavish meal that has everyone smacking their lips.

Though paaye are made all over the country, if you haven’t tried the Lahori paaye, you haven’t lived your life to the fullest.