Famous Sindhi folk songs you must listen to

culture   Mar 19, 2020

Sindh is a province famous for its great heritage sites such as Ranikot fort and Mohenjo Daro. But most of all, it’s famous for its unique culture. And what better way to explore a region’s culture but to listen to great songs created by the musicians there? 

Here are a few Sindhi folk songs that everyone needs to hear regardless of the culture, province or country they belong to.

Note: The original versions of a few songs weren’t available, therefore, we have posted versions sung by other great singers.

Lal Meri

This is a song almost everyone throughout the country has heard, that’s how famous it is!   A favourite at shaadi’s, qawwali nights and concerts, Lal Meri is a track that will be heard by people for years to come.

Lorrah Manjha Larhandi

One of the oldest folk songs with great vocals and instruments playing in the background, the track is a perfect example of Sindhi culture. 

Ho jamalo

A great dance number, Ho Jamalo is a track that everyone in Sindh has heard – whether they are Sindhi or not. 

Sindh Muhinje Amma

A song that is slow and serene, this track is going to leave you with goosebumps. And yes, it doesn’t matter if you can understand the lyrics. 

Jeay Sindh Jeay

An upbeat number, the song speaks of how amazing Sindh is and why the residents need to love the province for all the great things it has to offer. 

Parchan Shaal Panvar Dhola

A great song that has numerous versions available, this track has vocals that will uplift your spirits. 

Tera Ishq Nachaya

A Sufi track that is sure to leave you in a trance, Ishq Nachaya is a song that will have you tapping your feet in no time