Famous Punjabi folk songs you need to listen to

culture   Mar 20, 2020

Though every culture in Pakistan has its own essence, Punjabi’s are known to be the life of every party! Loud, hyper and solid believers of ‘bhai chara, Punjabi’s are all about enjoying their time with those around them.

However, there is more to the Punjabi culture than their friendliness – the province is also famous for its unique and upbeat music.

Here are some famous Punjabi songs you must listen to:


This song is so popular that it was used in Coke Studio, as well as the Bollywood flick ‘Cocktail’. An ethereal mix of beautiful lyrics and a catchy tune, this one is a favourite of all generations. 

Sada chiryaan da chamba

This song comments on Punjabi culture and has great lyrics paired with mesmerising vocals. Due to its popularity, the track was also recreated by Coke Studio.

Manda ishq vi toun 

One of the tracks that truly shows Punjabi culture, Manda ishq vi tou is a favourite of the elder generation since they truly understand the mesmerising lyrics of the song. 

Hai rabba nai dil lagda mera

A track that will leave your teary eyed, this is one number your must listen to even if you a millennial. 

Mera laung gawacha

Adored by ladies all over the country, this fun song will have you tapping your feet before you know it. 

Lathe de chaadar

Famous in Pakistan and India, this song  is played at almost all Punjabi weddings. Upbeat, fun and energetic, this track will have you dancing in no time.