Famous Bazaars in Karachi

culture   Jan 28, 2020

By Momina Aftab

Once the bustling capital of the country, Karachi is still the largest and busiest city of Pakistan. Among other things this beta-global city is both famously and notoriously known for, Karachi has the biggest variety of bazaars, catering to its population of 14 million. I mean there’s a reason that people from all over the country make exclusive shopping trips to this striking megalopolis. There’s a bazaar in literally every town and neighborhood and there’s absolutely nothing that you won’t find in this city that fits your budget and needs. Scroll down to see some of the most popular, widely-known bazaars of Karachi that reflect its chaotic, haphazard character in the most authentic way.

Tariq Road

It is safe to say that Tariq Road is easily the most diverse bazaar of Pakistan. This is the best place to go have that quintessential, ultimate shopping experience that you won’t find anywhere else. I don’t think I exaggerate when I say that wedding season Tariq Road is actually a force to be reckoned with.

Empress Market

Are you a health enthusiast looking for a place to get supplies for your clean-eating regimen that is also easy on the pocket? Look no further, just head to Empress Market. It is widely known for its fresh, economically-friendly vegetables and fruits. The meat stores, kiryana stores and animal stores, all enclosed in ancient, gothic styled buildings gives this bazaar a status of national heritage.

Soldier Bazaar

Soldier bazaar, situated in Jamshed town, is extensively known for its assortment of different ethnicities. Majorly consisting of Muslims, the population there alone is one million. If you are looking for some good second-hand materials, then soldier bazaar is your place. Feel free to roam around in this area without fearing for your dear life or belongings because this area is said to be the most peaceful society in Karachi.

Sunday Bazaar

Sunday bazaar, aka mangal or landa bazaar are present and actively attended all around Pakistan but the magnanimous one in Karachi is hands down the most popular, diverse and genuinely the best mangal bazaar in the country. People, specifically women, from all classes of society at least visit it atleast once a month to have a peek at the new entries. Albeit it requires proper skills to navigate and bargain through its various aisles but trust me, all the exhaustion is totally worth it.

Urdu bazaar

Urdu Bazaar is said to be the oldest book bazaar in the entire sub-continent. You won’t find a single Karachiite who does not have any nostalgic childhood memory associated with this place. Unlike it’s contemporaries who let non-book shops into their habitat to sell and survive, Urdu Bazaar continues to stay authentic and true to its roots and is the epicenter of publishing, printing, and book-selling and buying of craft materials.  

Zainab Market

Located at the heart of the city, Zainab Market never ceases to mesmerize its buyers even from outside of Pakistan. Being the oldest one in town and having undergone many renovations, Zainab Market still remains to be everyone’s one-stop shop for quality products. Not only does it offer affordable and good-quality clothing and jewelry, it also has the best interior and home decoration shops, which you cannot help but splurge on impulsively.