Fairy Meadows - Heaven on Earth

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Fairy Meadows is a name given to the spectacular, green fields that lie near the Nanga Parbat Mountain in Raikhot Valley, Diamer District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.Located at an altitude of about 10,800 feet, Fairy Meadows is a starting point for people who wish to scale the mighty Nanga Parbat Mountain, the 9th highest in the world.

Fairy Meadows can be reached by a 5 km road trek from the nearby Tattu village. The road to Fairy Meadows was built by Brigadier M. Aslam Khan First Commander of the Gilgit Scouts. A 12 km jeep track from Raikhot bridge on the Karakoram Highway leads to Tattu.

The Nanga Parbat Mountain sets a gorgeous backdrop for the Fairy Meadows, making it an exhilarating adventure destination for local and foreign tourists. One of the mountain’s base camp sites is also located close to the grassland. The legends of Nanga Parbat are kept alive by local villagers who witnessed the legions of climbers that got stranded climbing the “Killer Mountain”.

For those less adventurous, there are several other picturesque treks in the vicinity, too. Sunsets and sunrise at Fairy Meadows are a treat for the soul. Nights at Fairy Meadows are divine with chilly winds, camping, bonfires, folk music, and dancing under the canopy of stars in the sky.

Fairy Meadows was declared a National Park by the Government of Pakistan in 1995. It is surrounded by thick alpine forests consisting of coniferous trees such as Pinus wallichiana, Picea smithiana and Abies pindrow trees; in the high-altitude areas where there is little sunlight, birch and willow dwarf shrubs are present. The southern slopes are concentrated with juniper and scrubs, namely Juniperus excelsa and J. turkesticana. 

The meadows are also home to many species of wildlife. Among mammals found in and around Fairy Meadows are brown bears, musk deer, Marco Polo’s sheep, red fox, markhor and Himalayan ibex. The area is a visual treat for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers.

Fairy Meadows Weather

Fairy Meadows remains a popular tourist destination in Gilgit-Baltistan from April to September. The weather is pleasant and windy during this season, with temperatures ranging from 2 °C to -10 °C. In winters, Fairy Meadows receives heavy snowfall and becomes almost inaccessible. 

Fairy Meadows location

  • Chilas to Fairy Meadows — 70 km
  • Hunza to Fairy Meadows — 90 km
  • Naran to Fairy Meadows — 190 km
  • Islamabad to Fairy Meadows — 460 km
  • Lahore to Fairy Meadows — 800 km

Popular attractions

  • Nanga Parbat base camp
  • Nang Parbat Viewpoint
  • Reflection Lake
  • Tattu Village

Top hotels 

  • Fairy Meadows Cottages
  • Fairy Meadows Broadview Hotel and Resort
  • Fairy Meadows Hotel Naran

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