Exploring Bhit Shah: The Home of 'The Poet of Sindh'

craftscultural tourscultureday trips   Dec 20, 2018

Join us on an exciting journey to explore the mystical town of Bhit Shah in the Matiari district of Sindh! Earning its name from the legendary Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai who blessed the town in the early 18th century, Bhit Shah houses the beautiful shrine of the saint and a museum dedicated to his poetry.

A day tour takes you through the entirety of the small town through its interconnected pathways that wind through the shrine, the museum, a lake, a craft centre and vibrant marketplaces scattered throughout the saint’s eponymous town. This is the perfect trip for history enthusiasts and people eager to experience the Sufi culture and architecture of Sindh.

The lively bazaar outside the shrine that stays open all night long

The trip begins early morning, around 7 am, in Karachi from where air-conditioned coasters travel along the National Highway to Matiari. It’s a smooth journey and a great opportunity to catch up on some sleep. Depending on the group size, you can book either 20-seater or 40-seater coasters. Along the way there’s a stopover at the town of Nooriabad for a highway breakfast and then a journey of 2 hours to Bhit Shah.

Upon reaching the destination you can freshen up at the Bhit Shah Rest House before venturing out into the city. Since it’s a walking tour, make sure that you’re travelling with comfortable shoes, preferably closed, and a pair of socks as you’ll have to take off your shoes when visiting the mazar.

The Bhit Shah museum, a white-domed structure designed in the style of the mausoleum, carries depictions of Bhittai’s poetry and Sufi music in the form of frescoes, murals of instruments such as the danbooro, and colourful exhibits depicting dramatic scenes.

At some distance from the Bhit Shah rest house is a 16-foot tall, almost angelic, statue of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai holding a danbooro, seemingly serenading the lake that lies in the centre of the town. Nearby is a craft centre where you can interact with the talented local artisans, who are more than happy to discuss the ancient techniques that go into their craft, and buy authentic Ajrak and other lovely handicrafts.

The final destination is the grand mazar hidden away on a hill. The marble floors of the shrine and its spacious courtyard are abodes of devotees of the saint, who are lost in trances in reverence of their spiritual leader. The dargah is situated further inside, where graves of the saint and his family members are adorned with green and gold chadars and surrounded by people paying their respects. The saint is welcoming even in death, offering a peaceful refuge to anyone who seeks it, regardless of their faith.

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