Crabbing, Karachi and the Arabian Sea!

day trips   Nov 27, 2018

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, authentic Karachi seafood at affordable rates, with a stopover at a tiny island offering a glimpse into the world of interfaith harmony and the local fishing community, crabbing is the trip for you!

Set sail from the Kemari port in traditional, decorated fishing boats and savour the crisp sea breeze as you waft away from the humdrum of the city.

The port is easily accessible—a short 30 minute drive from the mainland city without traffic. If you’re coming in your private car, parking is at the jetty for Rs. 50; it’s also accessible by rickshaw or bus.

Once your group has met up and boarded your boat, the captain announces that it’s time to set sail. The whole trip will last between 2.5 to 3 hours. For those with motion and/or sea sickness, it’s a good idea to have chewing gum and Motilium—or any antiemetic— handy (don’t be alarmed though, the boat only rocks gently).

If you plan on making the trip during the daytime, make sure you have sunblock on you, regardless of the time of year. During winters, it’s best to carry shawls and some warm clothing to shield yourself from the windy sea breeze.

As you enter the clear sea waters the view of gentle, lapping waves is mesmerising. Sit back and relax to the music playing on deck.  Though you may be tempted take pictures, keep in mind that flash photography is prohibited due to the navy vessels docked nearby. The captain docks the boat after about 45 minutes or so in order for the crew to prepare your food. It’s a treat to watch the crew dexterously cook the freshly caught crabs live and serve them within minutes. You will enjoy a piping hot meal of crab masala, crab lollipops, crab cutlets, prawn masala, aloo bujiya, tomato chutney, naan and parathas, along with chilled cold drinks and mineral water.

The menu can be customised to include chicken biryani and other non-sea food items, though it would be a shame to miss out on the delectable sea food.

Sanitation isn’t an issue as most of the boats, especially the double deckers, are equipped with a clean sink and a toilet. It is still advisable to carry hand sanitiser and some paper towels with you. As you wrap up your meal, the boat sets off again, this time for Manora Island nearby.

Exploring the island is optional, but highly recommended! It is home to the largest lighthouse in Pakistan, Shri Varun Dev— a 1,000 year old Hindu temple— an old church, a Sikh Gurdwara and a vibrant and diverse community of locals. Just remember to bring your original CNIC along as there is a security check for visitors.

Our crabbing trips are great for a picnic with friends and family, birthdays, and outings with colleagues.

The entire trip will come to Rs.1,600 per person for a group of 10 people (

For customized group trips, call ahead and book with FindMyAdventure (0333 0596362)!


  • Wear sunblock.
  • Carry hand sanitiser, paper towels.
  • Bring shawls.
  • Visit Manora and bring your CNIC.


  • Take pictures with flash.
  • Bring infants or toddlers.