Corporate Travel Bounces Back!

adventure   Sep 23, 2020

Due to the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, corporate off-sites and team building activities were suspended throughout the second quarter of the year. Companies began introducing work-from-home models in an effort to keep their employees safe. However, once the situation began to stabilize, things slowly started going back to normal.

After roughly four months of dormancy, corporate retreats began to bounce back. Although digital models were in place, a lot of companies were looking to energize their teams by re-introducing corporate retreats and team-building activities. Feeling like team synergy has suffered as a result of the work from home  model, they were now looking to improve upon it through these activities. With strict SOPs in place, and the tourism industry educating itself on what the new normal of travel looks like, they’re comfortable with the idea of sending their employees out again. 

With productivity and employee satisfaction at stake, it was the right time to not just incentivize their employees, but also to give them a little face-time with one another. Working from behind a screen and communicating via conference calls doesn’t evoke the same material sense of accomplishment. In order to keep employees motivated, driven and foster collaborative environments, these retreats needed to be brought back in.

Although we have and continue to work on online team-building activities,  we’ve also kicked off our on-site team building activities due to the spike in demand. Staying mindful of the fact that safety and security regulations need to be tighter than ever, all the right measures are in place. 

At the end of the day, while exploring digital team-building activities and realizing their potential has been a very fruitful exercise, there’s nothing quite like a traditional corporate retreat to pull employees out of the monotony of corporate routines. If you’d like to discuss options, and book an incredible post-lockdown retreat for your team, FMA for Business is the way to go!