Corporate retreats are making a comeback!

corporate travel   Sep 28, 2020

Corporate retreats are essential to maintain work life balance, promote employee satisfaction, and to keep things fresh when daily routines get too dull. Following a four month lockdown, although working from home had become a norm for plenty of companies, employees were deprived of face-to-face interaction for a very long period of time. In order to regroup and get back in form, the team from Creative Morph headed out on their very first post lock-down corporate retreat. And what better place to go to than Kashmir?

Their trip consisted of stops at Sharda, Kel, and Arang Kel where the team enjoyed stunning views among the mountains. It served as a great opportunity to catch up with each other and get some down time after months of work. A trip planned from start to end was all they needed, so they wouldn’t have to worry about any of the logistics, and could focus on having a good time.

In order to make sure that the trip was safe for everyone attending, masks and sanitisers were provided to everyone. Although we’re slowly moving towards more stability in terms of the pandemic, and people have started to travel again, it’s still imperative that we take all the necessary precautions.

Trips like these do a lot to re-energise employees and we’d highly recommend it for everyone who feels like their team’s creativity and productivity has been stifled as a result of staying at home. Everyone needs a break every once in a while, and a trip with FMA is the best kind of break there is. Get in touch with FMA for Business today to book an unforgettable trip for your team.