Corporate beach retreats: Always a good idea!

corporate travel   Sep 30, 2020

Corporate beach retreats are a must, especially when you’re living in the city by the sea. After long spells of routine monotony, there’s nothing like a trip to the beach to help you recharge and rejuvenate yourself. That’s why it’s no surprise that these trips are a popular choice for a lot of organisations. The locations are easily accessible, the trip is short, and no extra preparations need to be made in advance.

When SPAR reached out to us to organise a trip for their employees, we decided a trip to Hawksbay would be best suited to their needs. After departing at 08:30AM, they were taken to their hut where breakfast was served following which everyone broke off with some enjoying the waves, and others playing cricket, football and tug of war. Then they had lunch and made their way back home in the evening. All in all, it was a great trip which provided employees with some much needed time off.

Team building activities and corporate retreats play a pivotal role in making sure that employees don’t feel burnt out. It’s very easy to get caught up in work and have your productivity be stifled but activities like these break that cycle before it becomes repetitive. That is why we always recommend that organisations arrange such events for their employees on a regular basis.

For this purpose we have an extensive line-up of offline experiences, and as of late, online experiences too. So whether you’re looking to send your organisation off on a trip to the beach, send them on a short vacation up North, or just hold a two hour online yoga session, FMA for Business can make it happen for you.