Checklist For Places to Travel in Southern Pakistan

adventure   Sep 11, 2019

With the increased tourism in North Pakistan, we often forget to pay attention to the many attractions and sites in South Pakistan, which comprises of Sindh and Balochistan. Southern Pakistan is full of culturally rich sites, the beautiful beaches and open starry skies!

Here’s our Checklist For Places to Travel in Southern Pakistan

Gorakh Hills

Known locally as the “Murree of Sindh”, the Gorakh hill station is the highest point in the province of Sindh. Visitors are able to witness the lofty peaks of the region, the fascinating wild life, unbelievable beauty and the cool weather that are ascribed to it.

Mohenjo Daro

A major attraction for history buffs from all over the world- Mohenjo Daro is a city from one of the oldest civilizations of the world. It provides many historical sites and opportunities for exploration. One truly explores history and its unknowable element as he or she witnesses the complex and developed systems and structures within the city. Lose yourself in the myth and mystery surrounding this region, where archaeologists from all over the world have grappled with the meaning of the language, signs and symbols.

Keenjhar Lake, Thatta

The Keenjhar Lake is the second largest body of fresh water in Pakistan. Its historical importance goes back to the Sindhi legend Noori Jam Tamachi, whose shrine is located in the middle of the lake. Tourists enjoy a day of picnicking, swimming, fishing and boating all the while bearing witness to the impressive natural beauty of the area.

Rani Kot Fort

Known as the “great wall of Sindh”, the Rani Kot Fort is one of the largest forts in the world. Aside from the amazing construction and scenic beauty of the fort, its main attraction is the mystery that surrounds its construction, and that lends to the creation of stories. To this day, the real reason behind the building of the fort is unknown, as is the architect responsible for it.

Bhit Shah

This small town of Sindh is a cultural destination, steeped in history, tradition and devotion. It is known all over because it houses the shrine to the famous Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. The area is buzzing with culture- one truly experiences the magical, and strong, relation between Sufi love and Islam. To bear witness to the devotion there, the various kinds of devotion, is an experience like no other.

Shah Jahan Mosque, Thatta

This mosque is a great representation of the art and architectural styles of the Mughal era. The Shah Jahan mosque, constructed in the early 17th century, was a gift to the people of Thatta by the Mughal emperor himself, in an attempt to show his gratitude. With its fascinating construction and mesmerizing colors, the mosque becomes more than a Holy site, it becomes a symbol of beauty and the aesthetic belonging to the period of Mughal reign.

Sehwan Shariff

Sehwan is a historical city, rich with Sufi traditions and tales. It is famous for being home to Pakistan’s most important Sufi shrines- the shrine to Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. Tourists of this region go to immerse themselves in this time in history, and recently many students have undertaken epistemological projects relating to this area and its culture.

Kund Malir

This beautiful beach, considered one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the world, is located in Balochistan and can be accessed by a few hours’ drive from Karachi. The drive to the beach itself is scenic and breathtakingly beautiful. It has recently become a favorite spot for tourists, as the beaches in the city of Karachi become too polluted. Kund Malir provides an amazing experience of nature, crystal clear cool water and open skies that allow us to see the stars that become almost impossible to see in the cities.

Churna Island

Located near Mubarak Goth, Churna Island is located in the Arabian Sea, sharing a boundary between Sindh and Balochistan. This is a small island in Pakistan that has recently attracted many locals and outside tourists. With clear waters, natural beauty and warm weather the island offers a range of activities such as underwater photography, swimming, free diving, scuba diving, knee boarding, cliff diving and banana boating. This shows perfectly the diversity of Pakistan and all that it has to offer- from cold winter vacations in the North, to water sports in the South.

Nagarparkar, Thar

The town of Nagarparkar in Sindh is full of wonderment, mystery, myth, history, fables and culture. It is widely known for its temples. One such temple is the Jain Gori temple that was built in the 16th century near the Pakistan and India border. Today the beautiful white temple, with interesting and unique architecture and fascinating geometrical construction, lies abandoned, as there remain little to no worshippers in Pakistan. The architecture of the temple is most fascinating because it does not have the typical smooth circle construction that is common to most temples.

Another such monument that tells of another time in our history, a time separate from us, forever covered in mystery and uncertainty is that of Marvi’s well- Marvi jo koonh. This spot is home to contradicting stories and legends, one of which claims that the well shall never run dry. Today, a cultural hub has emerged near the spot of the well creating a well-rounded experience of the culture and history. Usually visitors are met with mystical melodies of Tharri music.