Celebrations at the Sibi Mela

culturenews   Feb 24, 2020

The first Sibi Mela was held in January 1885, before the Partition of India and Pakistan. Initially, the festival was more of a horse show attended by all the big shots of the British Raj. However, after the Partition, the tradition of the festival evolved into a cultural festival where the heritage of Balochistan was brought to the forefront.

The mela was so popular during that point in time that even Muhammad Ali Jinnah attended the annual gathering in 1948.

Are you one of those who haven’t attended the Sibi Mela yet? Don’t worry, you can always be a part of the five-day festival next year. Here’s all that happened at the mela in 2020…

Photo credit: HistoryPak.com

The Sibi Mela 2020

The festival this year, started off from the 19th of February and brought to the public around 500 craftsmen, cultural dances, a circus show, and a variety of stage dramas.

Around 1,000 invitations cards for published for guests who were eager to witness the different animal market, camel races, and army parade that are also held at the festival. President Arif Alvi inaugurated the event that aims to promote Pakistan’s diversity and cultural richness globally.

How you can attend the mela next year

Well, it’s quite easy – especially for those residing in Sindh. All you have to do is make your way to Quetta by road, or take a flight to the city. The Sibi festival is held around 160 kilometers away from Quetta and has available numerous forms of transport such as taxis and buses that can take you there.