Best tea places in Karachi

culture   Jan 13, 2020

Not long ago, a few dhabas opened up in posh localities of Karachi and offered the populace a new kind of freedom. It created an option of sitting in an open air space with their families and consuming tea without a care in the world.

Before this trend was introduced, dhabas were only a place for men. Today, women of all ages can be seen occupying these public spaces and enjoying the freedom females in South Asian countries are often denied.

The best part is; there is no stopping this trend and the number of chai dhabas in Karachi just keep increasing! Here are some of our favourite chai places in the city. Check them out if you haven’t been there already. 

Chai Shai

Photo courtesy: Chai Shai Facebook page

One of the pioneers of the dhaba trend, Chai Shai is popular for their setting and ambiance. This place is often visited families and youngsters from all over the city who head to the dhaba for their famous pizza and Nutella paratha.

Brew Factory 

Photo courtesy: Brew Factory Facebook page

Steering clear of the truck art narrative that many dhabas have been opting for, Brew factory gives off a modern feel and has a super cosy setting. The food of this dhaba too, is extremely delicious. Try their pizza fries and waffles if you are looking for something different than the ordinary. 


Photo courtesy: Fibbi Facebook page

Spacious and loaded with various options of board games, Fibbi is one of the favourite spots for youngsters who like to sit at dhabas for hours. If you want to taste one of the best tea’s in town, this dhaba is the place to be. Their tea is so famous that it’s also at supermarkets. 

Chai Master 

Photo courtesy: Chai Master Facebook page

Chai Master was there before the trend of women and families gathering at dhabas even started. Though it was initially a place ‘just for the boys’, it has now evolved into a place for anyone and everyone who wants to sit out in an open space. Try their green tea and relax in this open space for hours!