Best places to eat in Hunza

culturefood   Feb 28, 2020

By Momina Aftab

There’s so much more to Hunza apart from its heavily documented scenery and culture, for example Hunza’s local cuisine. There isn’t much information available as to where and what to eat while on a tour in Hunza valley. Hence, we give you a rundown of the best places to eat in the breathtaking valley of Hunza so that you have the most authentic Hunzai food experience.

Kha Basi Cafe

Shadowed by the mighty Altit Fort, Kha Basi Café is known for its inimitable vibe. There’s a simple yet elegant veranda overlooking a beautiful scenery, which is perfect for relaxing in between the touring. The best part is that the café is run solely by local women and serves authentic, traditional Hunza cuisine 7 days a week. Most popular items being served here include the likes of Dawdo, Chap Shuro, Burus Shapik, Diram Phitti, Berikutz, and Tumuru Chai.

Café de Hunza

It would be a tragedy to visit Hunza and miss out on the scrumptious ‘Hunza walnut cake’, the most popular food item of Café De Hunza. The caramel-walnut filling will have you craving for more for days. They also have a variety of breakfast options and European style snacks and is located at a walking distance from Serena Inn.

Hunza Food Pavillion

Tucked away in a small nook in a bazaar in Karimabad, Hunza Food Pavillion is run by a force of nature, an elderly mother of five known as Lal Shehzadi. The place itself is small; adorned with small cross-stitch pieces. All the food is made on order, strictly from organic ingredients and served fresh and hot. Bonus tip: the best Dawdo in the entire valley is served here. 

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Glacier Breeze Restaurant

It might look like its located in the middle of nowhere as you will have to climb a lot of stairs to get there, but this restaurant serves the best apricot cake and coffee in the valley with the most amazing view of Passu Glacier.

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Break bread with a local family

Hunza locals are known for their hospitality and genuineness. So, if you find yourself being invited to a hearty, quintessential Hunzai meal by one of the locals at their place, do NOT hesitate and accept the invitation. Apart from the mouthwatering food and the snacks that follow, the cultural diversity of such a gathering is bound to stay with you for the rest of your life.