Best photo spots in Lahore

adventure   Feb 24, 2020

The Walled city of Lahore might not have mountains, beaches and hills, but it has numerous architectural marvels that make it one of the most famous cities in Pakistan. These sites are adored by tourists as well as photographers who are left in awe at the beauty each place has to offer.

And of course, let’s not forget how the wonders of Lahore light up everyone’s Instagram feed. Here are some locations that are perfect backdrops for any sort of photo you take.

Badshahi mosque: Known for being one of the most famous spots for wedding shoots, the mosque is perfect for memorable photographs with fun poses. Just make sure you don’t take the typical sort of photos.

Lahore fort: Also known for its unique architecture and history, the fort is a spot famous among tourists and locals alike. Which is why the biggest problem one faces is to get a photo where there are no strangers walking around in the background. Well, its up to you to get your creative juices flowing in order to obtain an interesting shot… A selfie, maybe?

Sheesh mahal: Though this monument is located near the Lahore Fort, the structure is incomparable to anything you have seen before. Try to get zoomed in shots here so the intricate mirror work is prominent in the photos.

Shahi Hammam: If we could pick only one location from the entire list provided, this would be it. The royal bath, is truly one of the most beautiful works of architecture we have ever set our eyes up. Yes, we aren’t kidding, this building was used as a place where people often performed ablution before they could head to the mosque to pray. What’s interesting is, many couples use this place for wedding shoots today.

Minar-e-Pakistan: Remember those photo illusions where people are holding the Eiffel tower from the top with their fingers? Well, this can definitely be done with this monument too.  

Shalimar garden: A garden from the Mughal era, this place not only has pretty flowers all over, but also boasts of architecture that can make any photograph look good.

Masjid Wazir Khan: Another grand mosque with gorgeous architecture, this place is perfect for photos you can add to your portfolio. Since this mosque is quite crowded and is usually also used for praying, posing with friends might get you a few bad looks from the general public.

Jallo Park: The butterfly house and the botanical garden are two factors that make Jallo Park a perfect place for photographs. Whether it’s with your friends or family, the wildlife and the plants in the area are exceptional.

Data Darbar: The perfect place to photograph the Sufi culture in action, Data Darbar is a shrine that is a must visit spot for tourists who want to showcase Pakistan’s culture to the world.

Lahore Food Street: Sure, this area has a lot of amazing food items to offer, but this is not the sole reason you need to visit the food street. A perfect spot to take travelling photos or carry out photography projects, the region is flooded with colourful buildings, history and exquisite architecture.

Cooco’s Den: A famous fine dining restaurant as well as a mini museum, Cooco’s Den is decorated with several paintings, old-age architecture, as well as numerous statues. But this is not all, if you dine on the rooftop, you can get a full view of the nearby Badshahi mosque. Try to snap some photos as the sun sets and you will be able to get some remarkable shots.