Best photo spots in Karachi

adventure   Feb 20, 2020

In this day and age, it is very important for everyone to maintain their Facebook and Instagram accounts by putting up interesting photos. Yes, just going to a restaurant and posting food pictures is not going to help your social media accounts stand out. If you want good photos – whether it’s for a shoot or for your personal collection, here are some places you should head out to with your friends. 

Masjid-e- Tooba: Yes, it’s a masjid, but it’s a beautiful masjid that makes a great background for photos. Plus point: You get to pray in one of the best mosque’s in Karachi.

Mohatta palace: Full of history and astounding architecture, Mohatta Palace lightens up any photo it is a part of.  

Frere Hall: A memory from the British Era, Frere Hall has architecture, greenery and art. 

Port grand: Eat, drink, shop and pose… the bright lights at Port grand and the amazing scenery around it will make it seem like you are travelling abroad. 

Mazar-e-Quaid: The monument is a work of art, hence it is everyone’s first choice for a photo session! 

Seaview beach: Head to the beach if you want a serene shot of the sunset. The camels and horses in this area make a good addition to the photos too.  

Arabian Sea country club: A great place for an adventure, this spot has a huge golf course and tall beautiful trees. Just do a little colour grading of the photos you take and soon your social media accounts will be flooding with compliments regarding your photography skills. 

Devil’s point: An area that was once famous for car racing, this is one of the best photo spots in defence. Keep the restaurants in the area as a background or strike a yoga pose on the road, take a photo here and get ready for a bunch of ‘likes’ on insta.

Zamzama park: Green and spacious, the park is a pretty sight. The benefit? You get to work out while you are there 

Chunky Monkey: Brightly lit with rainbow colours, Chunky Monkey is perfect for a fun photo session.