Best photo spots in Islamabad

vacation   Feb 25, 2020

Bored of taking the same old sort of photos? Here are some spots in Islamabad that will surely make a difference to your social media accounts as well as your photography portfolios.

Faisal Mosque: This mosque is not only the largest in Pakistan, but also one that was constructed after a 120-million-dollar grant from a Saudi King. With a beautiful interior and exterior, the mosque is every photographer’s dream come true.

Margala Hills: Perfect for those who love to photograph nature, Margala Hills will provide you with a spectacular view of the mountains and exquisite wildlife in the region. If you are a morning person, you will get some great shots if you visit the area during sunrise.

Daman-e-Koh: One of the most amazing viewing points in Islamabad, the location gives a birds-eye view of the city. Not interested in photographing scenery? Well, you can always pose with the family of friendly monkeys residing in the area.

Lok Virsa Museum: Compared to other museums, Lok Virsa Museum is definitely a ‘fun’ gallery since it looks at the culture that exists in Pakistan. Focusing on history as well as folk lore with the help of life size figurines, the museum provides several displays that make spectacular photography subjects. And yes, you can pose with them too.

Taxila: The ancient archaeological site has some interesting antique monuments that will definitely light up your Instagram. Add facts about any object you have photographed and voila, you will be known as the brainy one in your group.

Pakistan Monument: Situated in a park, the Pakistan Monument is a place you need to see in the night. But keep in mind, taking selfies at this spot will do you no good since getting the entire structure of the monument in the photograph is essential if you want to take everyone’s breath away.

Khanpur Dam: This is the closest thing people in Islamabad have to a beach, hence, having photography sessions here are a must for those in nearby cities. You can also get photographed while partaking in activities such as scuba diving and boating.

Saidpur village: One of the most popular tourist destinations, Saidpur is an old village that has several exquisite restaurants sought out by visitors and tourists alike. But its not the food that you should be looking out for, it’s the exquisite way in which the village is built.

Monal: A restaurant on a hill visited casually by almost everyone in Islamabad, the surroundings of this eating out place are what usually leave people in awe. If you want good photographs, make sure you reach the area before the sun sets.