Best breakfast places in Lahore

culturefood   Jan 17, 2020

Though Lahore is bustling with places that offer amazing desi breakfasts, there are a few places that serve good waffles, crepes, and other English breakfast dishes. Here are some of the breakfast places in Lahore that you must try:

Jade Café

Located at Mahmood Ali Kasuri Road, Jade Café offers an all-day breakfast menu that is to die for! Apart from serving the typical fried eggs, coffees and waffles, the café also has different sorts of pancakes including double chocolate and salted caramel pancakes, blueberry pancakes and as well as Nutella stuffed French toast.

But if you are looking for something that is different from anything you have had before, try the delicious shakshuka’s of the place. There are five varieties to choose from including chicken, beef, veggie, turkey and beans.

The Polo Lounge

The Polo Lounge is located in Lahore’s historic Polo Club and is one of the best places you can have breakfast at. Not only do their dishes taste well, but the lounge has a serene and relaxing ambiance that just makes you want to chill there for hours.

The place has various kinds of omelletes you can try, but it’s their buutermilk pancakes that you must order on your next visit.

Mocca Coffee

Mocca Coffee has branches in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and is quite recognised for the awesome coffee they serve. The cafe is also the place to be if you plan a breakfast with friends since their menu is oozing with interesting items. Our favourite is the ‘Mocca Brunch’ from the menu. Order this dish and you get to have numerous things in one meal. This single dish costing under 1000 rupees includes items such as a latte, a breakfast smoothie, scrambled eggs, potato wedges, fruit, pancakes, low-fat yogurt and more!

The Delicatessen

Situated in Mall 1 on Main Boulevard, The Delicatessen by Costra Nostra has some of the best crepes that you can have for breakfast. Their classic crepe include those with apple pie and Nutella filling. The place also offers a great variety of sandwiches and tarts.

English Tea House

Though the English Tea House is not too fancy, it has interesting breakfast dishes to offer such buttery croissants, different types of omelletes, and butter pancakes. The perfect place to chill, eat and work on an assignment.