Best breakfast places in Karachi

culture   Jan 15, 2020

By Momina Aftab

It’s been many years since I came to live in this chaotic city but Karachi and its unlimited food offerings never cease to amaze me. Not a day goes by when you don’t hear about an eatery or two opening up in some nook or corner of the city, catering to the aesthetic-pursuing, social-media-addicted food enthusiasts of the city!

Personally, I love breakfasts and I strongly believe that they really do make or break your day depending on what you ate. Scroll down to see some of the most popular, best breakfast places in Karachi and MAKE your day by having breakfast at these modern eateries.


Photo courtesy: Xander’s Facebook page

Craving an authentic full English breakfast experience with a proper vibe? Xander’s is the place to be at. Bonus point: They serve breakfast all day.

Breakfast all day – what a beautiful concept.

They have all kinds of savoury and sweet options, so, you have a variety of meals to choose from. The vibe of the place is very contemporary and chic and they also have vegan options in their menu, woohoo!

N’eco’s Natural Store & Café

Photo courtesy: Necos Facebook page

Best part about dining at N’eco’s isn’t the visually pleasing interior with a giant tree in the center of the café or the organic-ness of it all, it’s their menu that has all kinds of breakfast meals imaginable – cuisines from all over the world with a healthy spin to each dish.

Del Frio

Photo courtesy: Del Frio Facebook page

Del Frio not only serves incredible desserts and amazing beverages, they offer some kickass breakfast as well. Omelette, waffles or pancakes, whatever is it that your breakfast-enthusiast heart is craving, it’s on the menu.

Floc – For the Love of Coffee

Photo courtesy: Floc Facebook page

They have the BEST raspberry jam in town and have so many varieties of omelettes that you are going to have a hard time choosing what to order.

Café Flo

Photo courtesy: Flo Facebook page

If there’s one place everyone should throng to on a Sunday, it’s Café Flo. Their Sunday brunch menu is to die for. Their presentation is so aesthetically pleasing, you would want to stare at your food all day. I wouldn’t recommend doing so because that breakfast deserves to be devoured asap!


Photo courtesy: Mews Facebook page

This eatery has been creating a lot of buzz on the interwebs lately and for the right reasons. All the items on their menu are worth trying and the ambiance is great for having a chill, laid-back hangout with your friends or on your own. 10/10 points for that Shakshuka alone.


Photo courtesy: Chatterbox Facebook page

The ambiance of the restaurant is very casual and the menu has all the extravagant items you desire.  Hands down the best quesadillas in town are served here.

Bella Vita

Photo courtesy: Bella Vita Facebook page

This Italian restaurant is the new rage these days and we endorse it totally. It is also vegan friendly and their breakfast menu is too exquisite to be missed out on.