Benefits of camping

camping   Jan 8, 2020

Camping is a recreational outdoor activity where the people involved set up camp in places outdoors with the aim of experiencing life before technology began to rule the world. Though many people go on camping trips for a day or two while on vacation, even a short encounter with nature is enough to leave you refreshed and energised.

Following are the benefits of camping…

Connect with nature: Camping will give you the opportunity to reconnect with nature and the wildlife. You will see stars you never noticed and hear birds you never heard before. This is because once you remove the everyday distractions of an urbanised space, you begin to notice the wonders of nature you had been missing out on.

Development of new skills: You can’t help but develop new skills while camping. You may learn how to set up tents, tie knots, start fires, cook a new meal and more. These skills are important to have, but we don’t get a chance to develop them due to our busy schedules.

Stress reduction: When you’re camping, all you do is relax without the thought of extra chores in mind. A camping trip gives you ample opportunities to escape the bind of schedules, itineraries, and required tasks, and to refocus on the important things in life.

Fresh air: You may not notice, but we are surrounded by fumes and pollution that are detrimental to the quality of life. A day of camping may not be able to reverse the affects of pollution on the body, but it sure will give you a chance to recharge and rejuvenate. After all, your lungs need a break too, don’t they?

Fixing relationships: Searching for a way to connect with your loved ones? Camping is the best option you have as it gives individuals a chance to ‘survive’ the night as a team. Not only will you end up reminiscing the past, but you will also create new memories.

Increases fitness: Though camping is relaxing, it is also a tough outdoor activity that requires a certain level of fitness to set up camp, gather firewood, and hike. The mentioned physical activities get your heart rate up and can also help you build some muscle.

Burn some calories: As you detox and prepare for a natural adventure, you end up burning more calories than you do on a normal day. This is because camping will take you away from your laptop screen and create opportunities for you to be active. The more active you are, the more calories you will burn.

Places to camp in Pakistan

Whether summer or winter, camping is an activity that can be experienced in any season. Luckily, there are numerous camping spots in Pakistan and these places are sure to bring you close to nature. If you want to camp near the beach or a lake, some of the options include Ratti Galli lake, Attabad lake, Moola Chotok, Astola Island, Kund Malir, and Ormara.

There are also hills and mountain peaks many travel up to camp. This includes Gorakh, Siri Paye, Rama meadows, Fairy meadows, and Arang Kel.

Looking for a challenge? Why not try the Nanga Parbat and K2 base camp? However, keep the difficult weather conditions of these places in mind before you jump off for a camping adventure.