Balochistan: The New Tourist Magnet

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by Amna Tanveer Khan

Pakistan is truly blessed when it comes to natural possessions and while most of the travel is centered on the Northern part of Pakistan which is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike, there are many undiscovered territories in the rest of the country. It caters to history buffs with the classical architectural landmarks in central Punjab and interior Sindh; whereas Balochistan still remains a hidden treasure box.

In order to fully enjoy your experience at the following places, it is best to have a native guide for you to understand and get to know the place in detail, to find out the legends and myths that surround it, and to fully get lost in your discovery.

The largest province of the country, Balochistan’s backdrop can prove to be vastly different for those who are accustomed to the beautiful sceneries of the North, but nonetheless, the province seems to be gaining attention amongst tourists and locals alike for its untapped natural landscape and gorgeous hidden treasures. Its magnificence is evident in the contrasting yet still dramatically coexisting with each other in the form of an oasis nuzzled in the middle of an arid desert, in the water pouring out from a barren mountain and the azure sea glistening against the sunny sky as it crashes the pebbled shore.

Hanna Lake

Located at a distance of 17 km from the city of Quetta, the lake is a tourist favorite spot for its easier access and scenic beauty. Restaurants on the lakeside provide a beautiful setting for people to enjoy a calm lunch under the shadow of pine trees at the edge of the river. The lake is brimming with gold-colored fish that can be seen on some lucky days through the clear, azure-tinted water.

Moola Chotok

At a distance of 80 km from Khuzdar, and an altitude of 1237 meters, a secret gorge concealed deep within the varying landscape of Balochistan, a testament to the gorgeous and hidden marvels of the undiscovered province. Moola Chotok resembles a place straight out of a fairy tale movie, with its cascading waterfall, running gradually through mountains and making its way to the main water body through rocks and stones. The crystal clear water becomes a hot spot for tourists to take a dip in, especially in the extreme hot weather which is common in the South.

Hingol National park

Known as the biggest national park of the country and located at only a distance of 190 km from Karachi, Hingol National park holds an abundance of rare and wildlife species, unique mud volcanoes, jagged rock formations and its proximity to the beautiful beach makes it a place unlike any other in the country. The park caters to people of various interests from adventure seekers to beach enthusiasts alike. The rarest class of animals like the marsh crocodiles, the bird Houbara and others contribute to the natural charm of the park, couple it with astounding nature creations like ‘Princess of Hope’ and ‘Balochistan Sphinx’ and you get a tourist spot like no other.

Travel and discover the beauty of Balochistan yourself!