Balochi cuisine you should not miss out on!

adventureculture   Dec 4, 2019

Rich in culture and heritage, Balochistan is a land for adventure hunters who often travel to Kund Malir Moola Chotak, Gwadar and other parts of the province.

However, Balochistan is more than just beaches and hills. It is a food hub that is yet to be recognised for the exquisite cuisine it has to offer to the world.

Here are some dishes that you must try on your next trip to the land of the Baloch.


Made by Iranian or Kurdish descendants in Baluchistan, Abgoosht is a delicious lamb stew. It contains ingredients like beans, kidney, liver, chickpeas, onion, tomato, salt etc. Furthermore, the broth is served in a bowl with pieces of bread soaked in it.


Though Sajji is the kind of dish that has gained popularity all over the world, the Baloch have a different way of cooking it. Basically, pieces of lamb need to be cooked around fire for an hour or so till the meat becomes crispy. The seasoning includes pepper and salt.


Dumpukht is also a variety of Sajji. The difference is, dumpukht requires an entire lamb to be cooked over slow flames. This cooking technique takes a long time and contains a few spices.

Khaddi Kabab

The flavour of the traditional Khaddi Kabab is hard to master by those who aren’t locals of Balochistan, hence, you must try this on your next visit to the province. The preparations include stuffing a lamb or goat with rice before barbecuing it.

The taste of the dish is derived from the spices added to the rice and the lamb.


Kaak is a type of Balochi roti that is extremely popular among visitors because of its flavour. Here’s the interesting part – it is made by wrapping wheat dough around rocks and then cooked directly under fire. Seems like a scene from pre-historic times doesn’t it? Though the cooking style is old-fashioned, the taste of this food item is something you need to experience at least once in your life.

Well, even if you aren’t going to eat this roti, you should definitely see the cooking process!

Tip: Try the roti with Dumpukht, Khaddi Kabab, or Sajji.