All you need to know about the Cholistan Jeep Rally

adventure   Feb 14, 2020

Held at the Cholistan Desert in Bahawalpur, Punjab, the Cholistan Jeep Rally is a renowned four-day event Pakistan has been hosting since the past 15 years. Every racer’s dream come true; the rally is a place where people from all over the world gather to watch the intriguing competition take place.

This time round, the event is being held from the 13th of February to the 15th of February.             

Here’s all you need to know about the Cholistan Jeep Rally – especially if you have never visited the festival before.

More about the Cholistan Jeep Rally

Organised by the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP), the Cholistan Jeep Rally is Pakistan’s biggest motor sports event that covers a route of 500 kilometers. The race that was introduced in 2005 starts off near the Derawar Fort in Ahmadpur East Tehsil, and has over 100 drivers participating every year.

Purpose of the rally

The idea behind the rally is not just to promote racing as a sport, but also to introduce the world to the culture and history of Cholistan. Yes, Cholistan truly is a great tourist destination and it needs more recognition for the great experiences it has to offer. Thousands of tourists who do arrive at the rally, often end up exploring the different forts in the region as well as tasting the unique food and dishes of the desert.

The tourism department has also added special arrangements to the event such as a tourists’ village, food street, and other festivities. Apart from introducing the desert to the world, the rally also creates job opportunities for the residents of the area.

The event this year

The 15th Cholistan Jeep Rally has about 114 drivers participating in the rally including women. Isn’t that great news? It’s truly inspirational when women partake in sports that are widely considered a domain for men, and this should be enough of a reason to head to the rally and watch these ladies in action !

During the race, drivers will cover the desert area in Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalnagar. This will be followed by a cultural show on the night of the 15th at Derawar Fort. The entertainment in the night will include performances by local folk singers and a lot more! This year round, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also arranged a trade fair to promote local culture and tourism.

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