All that happens on a ‘Girls Trip’ to Gorakh

adventurevacation   Mar 11, 2020

Gorakh hills is one of the favourite weekend getaways for people residing in Sindh, Balochistan and nearby places. This is because the hill station has a lower temperature than the rest of the south and provides visitors with a remarkable view. It’s this serenity and proximity to nature that makes Gorakh one of the most visited sites in the area.

However, the journey to Gorakh is a long one and requires hours of travel. Though the voyage is comfortable and safe, not many women in Pakistan travel to this location alone fearing safety and restrictions by families. Well, this problem is now a thing of the past since a special ‘All girls trip’ was recently launched for Gorakh.

Yes, you can now travel with ease with your girls or female relatives by booking a trip to this exclusive adventure. And no, you no longer need to push your father to take an off from work either!

Here are some activities you can be a part of if you book a trip to Gorakh now:

Drum circle: This is an activity where the girls will be required to gather around in a circle and create music with the different instruments provided. Whether you are clueless about making music or a pro, you will adore the tunes you will generate as a group.

Bonfire: One of the most popular aspects of Gorakh is the beautiful starry sky. Since the hill is at an elevated height, the stars seem much brighter and bigger, therefore, providing an unforgettable view. Now imagine the exquisite starry sky accompanied with a bonfire. Just the thought has us excited!

Singing and dancing: Are you the type who loves to dance? Then this all girls hangout is simply perfect for you as one of the activities included gathering as a group and dancing the night away. Thinking of going alone, fret not as you will definitely end up bonding with the group of fun ladies travelling with you.

Hiking: Are you the adventurous sort? Then this trip is just for you because camping and hiking is a part of the things you will get to experience during this trip. Just make sure you bring the appropriate footgear.

Well, there you have it, some amazing reasons that should make you want to pack your bags and head to Gorakh with your girls!