A look into Kumrat Valley

adventure   Dec 23, 2019

The northern region of Pakistan is swamped with beautiful sites that have managed to astound local and foreign travellers alike. Sure, Hunza might be the go-to vacation spot today, but the exquisiteness of our country is not limited to Gilgit Baltistan – each province has mountains, hills or valleys that can put the Swiss alps to shame.

One such natural wonder is the Kumrat valley in Swat. Located in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the valley is 3100 meters above sea level, the valley is visited by thousands of tourists every year during summer as well as winter.

But why is Kumrat valley’s beauty incomparable to any other spot in Pakistan? It’s because the scenic location provides a great view of the mountain range, flowing streams, magnificent water falls, and a lush green meadow called Jahaz banda.

Another famous spot of the scenic valley is the Panjkora river and its clear green water that is home to delicious trout. The river originates from the Hindu Kush mountains and runs through the valley.

If this wasn’t enough, the valley is also popular for the deodar forest that is the perfect habitat of unique plants and flowers as well as wildlife. Though many visitors deem the forest to be something from a fairy tale, to us it appeared to be the perfect place for a horror movie to be shot. But here’s our advice – whether the forest leaves you in awe or whether it freaks you out, visiting it once is a must.

Why visit Kumrat valley?

This tourist spot is not only good to look at, but also provides visitors with several activities such as mountaineering, trekking, and rock climbing. This means you can easily travel the valley with your family and partake in activities such as bonfires, fishing, and sightseeing.  

Looking for a challenging adventure with friends? You can also live in a base camp around Katora lake [Lake shaped like a bowl] that is situated at an elevation level of 11,800 ft. The alpine glacial lake is located in the upper reaches of Jahaz Banda and contains the water of the surrounding melting glacier waters.

Could there be anything better than camping under the starry sky with the bright moon reflecting the clear serene lake? Of course not,

So what are you waiting for? Stop thinking and start traveling – there’s so much you need to see in Pakistan.