6 Things All Bus Travelers Must Know!

adventureday tripsvacation   Jul 15, 2019

Okay, this is no secret that travelling on the bus will definitely top the list of uncomfortable kind of road travel and we have listed down a 6 key things to make your travel slightly less agonizing.  

  1. Choose Your Seat Wisely 

It sounds like a great idea to sit by the window, gazing out at the beautiful scenery and enjoying the ride, only it is sure to get real uncomfortable pretty soon in the journey. If you choose the seat by the aisle, you will get plenty of chances to save your legs from getting numb. 

       2.  Limit Your Fluid Intake 

Hydration is important for long road trips but when you’re travelling in a bus, be aware of the fact that the bus will only take scheduled stops and you can’t load up on juices and water.

        3. Pack a Snack

Even though most bus services come equipped with food and make stops at restaurants and shops, it’s always better to pack little snacks like peanuts, protein bars etc to save money when you get random hunger pangs out of boredom!

         4. Pack A Neck Cushion / Eye Mask

  A neck cushion will be your best friend on the trip, much better than the flimsy, little pillows that are provided to you on the journey. It’s not allowed to switch off all the lights in the bus and an eye mask is the other friend you need, to block out everybody and dream about your next adventure!

        5. Keep Yourself Entertained

How many of you have fallen victim to over friendly and over talkative passengers? Its great if you’re a chatter and don’t mind making conversations and take this as an experience. If not, do yourself a favour and pack your headphones, a book, and update your music library!

         6. Get Fresh Air

When your bus makes a stop, make sure you get off it and take in some fresh air! Believe you me, your mind needs it, your back needs it and your legs sure as hell need it! Happy travelling!

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