6 reasons why Autumn is the perfect time to travel!

adventurevacation   Oct 7, 2019

When the sun shines, explorers run off up north to experience a cold temperature. And when December brings with it some chilly nights, people tend to crave for locations with beaches. Hence, summer and winter are two seasons when tourism is at its peak – whether internationally or locally.

The question is, why don’t we travel out of season? It would definitely be easier to ask our bosses for some time off during autumn.

Still not convinced? Here are 6 reasons why travelling in autumn is the best thing you will ever do for yourself.

1. The perfect climate

The weather won’t be too hot or cold! In actuality, autumn is the only time the entire world reaches a perfect temperature. While places like Sindh are a little too hot to handle till October, the Northern region of Pakistan hits just the right temperature.

In fact, places like Hunza and Skardu are known to get frosty during the winter. You wouldn’t want to camp near Attabad lake mid-December and turn into a popsicle, would you? Also, according to residents of these Northern regions, fall is the ideal season to explore the area comfortably

2. Save money on airfare

While the exorbitant prices of air-tickets during summer make us feel like locking ourselves in a room and never coming out, the cheap tickets during fall will make you want to bounce off for a trip just for the heck of it. Not only are numerous flight/train times available to travelers, you will also be able to find a deal that is easy on the pocket. Yes, now you will have more money to spend on those beautifully crafted shawls Northern Pakistan is so famous for.

3. Out of season travels are cheaper

When it’s vacation time such as summer and winter, the demand increases, whereas the supply of hotel rooms and car rentals decrease. Taking advantage of this demand and supply relationship, people residing in tourist destinations raise the prices of literally everything. From rooms to food to transport, everything you need will be super expensive. Even the tea and karahi available at dhabas puts the prices of five-star hotel menus to shame.

Yes, this is done on purpose and often travel agencies take advantage of the holiday seasons. Not anymore! You can beat them at their own game by travelling off season!

4. Avoid the tourists

Head to any part of the world in the summer and you will find every single popular destination flooded with tourists. Not only does that increase the time you spend standing in ques, it also takes away the ‘peace’ factor from the vacation.

Whereas, during autumn, the kids are back to school and the semesters of numerous universities are just starting off. The number of families travelling to Balochistan, Punjab or up North decreases a large amount too, hence, you can expect some tranquility if you head to Skardu right about now. In fact, even places like Murree and Bhurban will not be bustling with activity.

5. Experience the colours of fall

The winter turns everything white. The summer turns everything green. But have you ever been to Hunza during fall when everything turns into a beautiful rendition of orange and yellow? It actually seems like the trees are on fire! Trust us, the unique colours of nature that autumn brings with it are not to be missed.

6. Autumn makes you energetic

According to scientific research, there are certain aspects of the hot and cold weather that can really affect our mood. Humidity tends to make people more tired and irritable, while winter season causes a drop in the serotonin level. Autumn is the time when seasonal affective disorder (SAD), tends to have the least impact on people. Hence, more energy and less layers of sweaters to worry about.

Tip: Is an anniversary or birthday of your partner coming up? Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the cheap air fare and accommodation cost to plan a trip that falls right within your budget. Since the places won’t be so crowded either, you will find ample spots to romance with your boo.