5 Reasons Why A Short Getaway Is Ideal For You!

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The summer heat is blazing upon you and there is nothing you will like more than a getaway but annual leaves are far off and you only have a short weekend. Worry not and stop living vicariously through Instagram, here are five reasons a short getaway is better than a long one.

1. It is easy on the pocket

A short getaway is easier on the wallet because you do not have to book hotels for many days. Even a short day trip is enough to reset and rejuvenate you for the week ahead. Browse Find My Adventure and you can get many day trips and weekend getaways starting at as minimum as rupees 500!

2. You get to discover a new haunt in your city

Travelling  in your own country opens up new avenues and roads to discovery. Sometimes you can live in a city all your life and never see a famous tourist spot. Play tourist for a day and take a trip around your city. 

3. It can be sandwiched in a long weekend

Let’s be real, a long weekend can get really boring by day 2. But if you have booked a short getaway to Nathiagali, the beach or you’re out to see the magnificent city of Lahore through an aerial view, you can enjoy the long weekend to the maximum.

4. The fulfillment and joy of new experiences

As many self help books will tell you, you can always change your approach or reaction to something. Same goes for travel, whether you travel to a far flung land or to Kattas Raj, the joy of travelling to a new place is the same.

5. Instant gratification

Rather than a 12 hour flight and jet lag, a short getaway provides instant gratification. The journey is usually much shorter than a long vacation and the activities and fun is instant and totally grammable. The real fun of these trips is that you can cover the travelling time and be back in time for work or school.

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