5 Easy Tricks To Pack Light for Any Vacation!

adventure   Aug 7, 2019

If you pack 7 sets of undergarment, your dog’s pictures and your own microwave for a 2 day long trip, this is the article you need!!

We have listed down 5 easy tricks to help you pack better and lighter!

1. Limit Your Suitcases

Starting right here will help you minimize a lot of load, if try and pack in one suitcase, there’s no way you can pack extra stuff.

2. Make a packing list

If you’re not a frequent traveler, deciding what to pack can be an ordeal. Instead of rummaging through your closet and packing everything in sight, make a list of the things and clothing items you’ll need and follow it through.

3.   Keep a Check on Heavy Clothes

You don’t need 5 jackets!! Pack wisely and pick your 2 favs. Heavy, bulky clothes take the most space in your luggage. 

4. Shy Away From Full Size Products

Toiletries are important but leave your full sized conditioner and perfumes at home, instead opt for sachets, travel sized packages or small refill bottles. 

5. Sharing Is Caring

As much as you want to pack your hair dryer, straightener, electric shaver , hair curler, mousse and spray. DON’T. If you are going with friends or family, it’s advisable to share the burden and decide amongst each other to pack one item out of the list.  Major PRO : All the space you don’t fill right now, will help you pack all your souvenir shopping!