5 Artsy Cafes to visit in Pakistan

adventure   Aug 28, 2019

1. Road Side Café, Karachi

Roadside is located in Clifton Block 5, behind boat basin. This café provides a place for its guest to play board games and chill while listening to music. Painted on the walls of this café are portraits of famous Pakistani actors/actress, musicians, comedians, artists, cricketers and humanitarians. This is not the best part; this café also seems to be run by people who actually care about the planet. The entrance of Roadside is marked by a huge tree which means they did not remove it when constructing or renovating this place.

Whenever we visit this place, we like to just walk around the walls and see how many people we can recognize.

2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Café, Lahore

Most of us are familiar with the show Friends. In the show these group of friends keep finding themselves at a café called Central Perk.

This café is inspired by Central Perk, with portraits of the six-protagonists hanging on the walls, the famous orange sofa.

It is located in Johar Town, Lahore and another café inspired by the same show is located in Peshawar.

Be sure to visit these places if you are a fan of the show!

3. Hogwarts Café, Islamabad

This café located in Bahria Town, Islamabad is the talk of the town unlike the actual Hogwarts which must be kept secret from the Muggles.

The interior design follows the theme of Harry Potter from the gate to the dishes themselves. The menu is written on the walls using the Harry Potter font and the names are inspired by the characters in the book. Cloaks and the sorting hat are kept there for fans to take pictures in, other than that it also sells harry potter merch.

Don’t worry if you did not receive the admission letter from Hogwarts visiting this place will give you the full magical experience of Harry Potter.

4. T2F (The Second Floor), Karachi

T2F is located in DHA Phase 5. The café was founded by a progressive Pakistani human rights activist and social worker, Sabeen Mahamud. This place provides a platform for Pakistani artists, writers and thinkers to present their art.

It gives a safe space to its visitors a cozy coffee place, a book shop and an exhibition gallery. So, if you’re an writer, musician or artists register yourself to this place to present your work to the people of Karachi or you could go as a tourist and appreciate upcoming artists!

5. Hotspot Café, Islamabad

Hotspot café is located in Saidpur Village of Islamabad. Besides this one, there are many outlets.

This café helps people escape the rush of the city life. There is no loud music and no flashing lights, just peace and serenity.

Hotspot is considered to be one of the most iconic cafes in Pakistan. Most outlets have amazing décor including signboards of old Punjabi, Urdu and Indian films such as Aurat Raaj, Pukaar, Meri Zindagi Hay Nagmhma and many more to refresh our memory.